The Stock Financial Freedom System!
Your PROVEN system to finally become financially free!
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  • Kuala Lampur, (2 Day Event)
  • ​W Malaysia: (2 Day Event)
  • S​ingapore, Singapore:  (2 Day Event)
  • ​​Los Angeles, CA, USA:  (2 Day Event)
  • Orlando, FL, USA: (2 Day Event)
  • Las Vegas, NV, USA:  (2 Day Event)
  • ​ Due to the Covid#19 - Dates will not be confirmed until a month before
(This Offer is for a Limited Time)
Stunning Stock Financial Freedom System Revealed! 
#1 Mutual Fund Manager Reveals His Proven System For Stock Market Profits!
Courtney Smith is a proven stock trading master.

He has managed the #1 Growth Mutual Fund in the US. He was voted bond and gold market timer of the year 3 years in a row. He wrote the #1 stock picking newsletter for 5 years.

Now he reveals how he created such an amazing track record.

You will learn the three M's +:
  • Mindset. Open your mind to accept massive wealth. Your mind will be changed forever after this course so that you can make massive money
  • Manage. You will learn the inside secrets that master traders know about how to manage risk. Turn risk from a boring scary subject into an offensive weapon to turbo charge your profits.
  • Moves. There are 3500 stocks in the US. You will learn to quickly and easily identify only those few stocks that have the potential to gain 50%, 100% and even more!
  • More Moves. You will then learn when to buy and sell those stocks with surgical precision.
This is a complete system for financial freedom by getting your money to work for you 24 hours a day!
Students Have Reported A Massive Increase In Confidence Trading As A Result Of This Class
Taught By Master Trader Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith is known as the Master Trader because of his incredible trading accomplishments:
  • Mutual Funds: Managed the #1 Growth mutual fund in the US
  • Hedge Funds: Managed the #1 Global Macro fund in the world
  • Market Timer: Voted #1 Bond and Gold market timer in the US
  • Consistent: Never had a losing year in 45 years as a trader
  • Author: Had 10 books published on investing
  • Speaker: Spoken to hundreds of thousands of people around the world
  • Trainer: Taught his amazing systems to tens of thousands of people around the world
  • Financial Executive: Treasure of a Swiss bank and CEO of a major brokerage house
Transformational 2 Day Seminar
With Courtney Smith
Your life will be transformed just like the tens of thousands of people who have already taken this course. You will now have the opportunity to make massive money in the market.

You must apply for this course as Courtney wants to make sure that only worthy people are coming to the event and that you will use the power in this course for good.
After This Class, You Will Own All The Necessary Skills To Create A Second Income, Quit Your Job, And Retire Wealthy And Early
Your future is dependent on creating wealth at a level that will give you a good life now and at retirement. This live seminar will give you all the info and tools you need to achieve this.
In Addition To The Intense Wealth Generating Training, You Will Receive Over $5,000 In Special Bonuses Including:
  • Bonus: All workbooks and worksheets
  • Bonus: All the software you need to make these powerful techniques easy to use
  • Bonus: A free subscription to TradeSecrets, a "daily" email newsletter with unique analysis and insights on global markets.
  • Bonus: Exclusive Trade Tracker software that makes keeping track of your position eazy peazy
  • Bonus: Free membership in How To Jump Start Your Trading Business, a unique course which teaches the business of trading
  • Bonus: Free membership in What Is Stopping You, another totally unique course where everything that is stopping you from making money trading is solved
  • Bonus: Free copy of Keys To Trading Success, interviews with 16 top gurus
  • Bonus: Interviews with Courtney Smith
What Are You Waiting For?
You need to get financial freedom now. You need to become the person you want to be. 
P.S: This unbelievable offer will not last long. Apply for the scholarship now and you could potential learn how to become financial free for free! I'll even throw in a free subscription to my daily newsletter, TradeSecrets!

** Material Fee of $39 has been added to the classes. If we have to move the class due to Covid#19, you will receive the Material Fee back if you can not make the new date.  All Dates will be confirmed one month before the class.
Space Is Extremely Limited So Apply Now!
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